D and S v. L.--1990

Jurisdiction:                 Campbell County District Court
Case Summary:           Mr. Carter represented a young couple and their daughter in a wrongful eviction and        conversion of property claim. This was Mr. Carter’s first jury trial. Mr. Carter successfully        argued to a jury that the plaintiffs’ landlords had wrongfully evicted the plaintiffs and        converted the plaintiffs’ property to their own use.
Disposition:                 A Jury awarded monetary damages for the loss of property, emotional distress, and further        awarded punitive damages.

JW, Inc. v. Oil Recovery, Inc.--1995

Case Summary:            Nine-day jury trial in which Oil Recovery, Inc., alleged damages in excess of $8 million,         claiming that JW, Inc., had sold a filter press to Oil Recovery, Inc., that was not fit for the industrial purpose for which Oil Recovery, Inc., had purchased it. Mr. Carter, representing, JW, Inc., argued to the jury that JW, Inc., a Michigan manufacturer, had not sold or misrepresented the capabilities of its machine, but rather that Oil Recovery, Inc., had improperly trained its employees and misused the machine which it purchased.
Disposition:                 Verdict for JW, Inc. Oil Recovery, Inc., awarded $0.00.

State of Wyoming v. A.M.--2010

Jurisdiction:     Campbell County District Court
Allegation:       Termination of Parental Rights
Defense:          Mr. Carter presented evidence that the mother of a minor child was not a credible witness and that   she possessed a motive to coach her daughter into making false allegations of child sexual abuse.
Disposition:     Termination of Parental Rights denied and father restored his visitation rights.

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