Miscellaneous Criminal Cases

State of Wyoming v. D.R.—November 2016

Jurisdiction:      Campbell County Circuit Court

Charge:             Battery

Defense:           Mr. Carter successfully represented a defendant charged with battery against a police officer at a    rock concert.  Mr. Carter pointed out the unlikelihood of the officer's story, and argued that the    battery was likely a misunderstanding.  The jury found the defendant NOT GUILTY.

Disposition:     Acquitted 

Oien v. State of Wyoming v. Oien, 1990 WY 80 797 P.2d 544

Jurisdiction:                  Wyoming Supreme Court
Case Summary:           Mr. Carter, while a 3rd-year law student in the Defender-Aid Program, successfully briefed and            argued before the Wyoming Supreme Court that Mr. Oien’s escape conviction was improper.
Disposition:                 Conviction reversed by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

State of Wyoming v. E.R.--2010

Jurisdiction:                 Campbell County Circuit Court
Charges:                       2 Counts of Violation of the Open Meetings Law
Defense:                      Mr. Carter filed a Motion to Dismiss Count II of the charges on the grounds that the Affidavit of       Probable Cause failed to state facts sufficient to sustain a charge. Mr. Carter argued at trial that       no evidence existed that Defendant knowingly and willfully violated the Open Meetings Law.
Disposition:                Count I dismissed on a Motion for Judgment of Acquittal. Count II dismissed. Motion to Dismiss       granted.

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